Impact Panel Printer For Industrial Use

Custom FH190

Industrial Impact Panel Printer
  • Measurement instruments
  • Weighing systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Gas analyzers


  • Easy installation and universal mounting with panels of different thickness
  • When the front panel opens up, all the mechanical parts are positioned in such a way as to make paper loading easier


Technical Specifications

Printing Method Dots impact matrix (8 pin)
Columns 24/40
Resolution 0.33 x 0.38 (24 columns); 0.19 x 0.38 (40 columns)
Printing (mm/sec) 67 cps
Character set Normal and expanded
Printing Format Normal, double height and width, bold
Printing Direction Straight, 180°
Paper width 57 mm ÷ 0.5 mm
Roll Dimension Ø 50 mm max
Emulation Custom
Interfaces RS232, Centronics
Data Buffer 1 KB
Flash Memory 64 KB
Drivers Win XP
Software Tools FontMake, LogoMake, UpgCePrn
Power Supply 5 Vdc ± 10% (available 9÷40Vdc)
Medium consumption 2A
MTBF 260.000 hours (electronic board)
Head Life 50 Km/100M pulses
Operating temperature 0°C + 50°C
Dimensions 119x119x45.5mm
Weight 362 g


Available Versions

Code Description
915AF010100133 PROP FH190 24COL RS232 RTCK BLACK
915AF010300133 PROP FH190 40COL RS232 RTCK BLACK
915AF010400133 PROP FH190 40COL RS232 RTCK 9-40 BLACK